black granite countertop

Special Black Granite Countertops

Want to make a kind of masculine atmosphere at the house? Need special detail of item for your minimalist house theme? Then, the black granite countertops idea will be a perfect choice that you can apply at your house. With its simplicity and amazing design of counterpart, it can bring you special kind of satisfaction, and also easy way to combine many other details in the room. With more specification, […]

white granite colors

White Granite Countertops for Simple House

Want to make any simple and also easy step of house decoration idea? Do not like to combine any bright color in the room? Then you also want to create the calm atmosphere at your house? Well, the white granite countertops will really be a good specification that you can apply as the role model of item detail in your house. It will really be a good choice for the […]


Granite Countertop Benefits

It will be a good step when you take special consideration for all the specification inside a room decoration. However, you should make sure that you put and also choose right kind of decoration detail, so you will not even bring specific disappointment for your own plan. In more detail, the example of countertop color will also be the special concern which brings many benefit and function, like granite countertop […]

blue and white lamp

Blue Lamp Shade for More Vibrant Look

Lamp shade is designed to reduce the light coverage. It creates shade and shadowy environment where in another side it looks very beautiful and will surely add the strong accents for your room. By any purposes of you to have table or floor lamp or even ceiling lamp in your rooms, it can be more beautiful and artistic. If you want to more specific, you can select the lamp shade […]

orange lampshade

Orange Lamp Shade Has More Spirits

Sure, every homeowner wants to have a living room with clean, fresh and comfortable interior design. For modern living room, it can be added with some fresh ornaments. Freshness in the living room creates positive feelings to anyone in this room. It will make the feeling is floating so well, the eyes are indulged and the mind is calmed. You can add orange lamp shade to get more spirits of […]

drum lamp shade frame

Decoration on Drum Lamp Shade

Drum lamp shade can be installed for table lamp or floor lamp. Both of them are great to be placed in the living room or bedroom as well. Drum lamp shade frame is designed in drum shape. It covers the lamp so well. The lighting can be reduced with vibrant look and it creates warm atmosphere. If you select the right lamp shade with beautiful decoration, it can be more. […]

tiffany lamp base

Antique and Unique Tiffany Lamp Shades

Maybe from hundreds of ideas and designs of the lamp shade in the market, tiffany lamp shades are the most recognizable lamp shade design because it has special characters from the colors of the pattern. Tiffany style lamp shades are really beautiful and enchanting. Furthermore if you love something unique and artistic, the ideas and designs of this lamp shade is very perfect both the lamp is turned on and […]

red lamp shade drum

Red Lamp Shade Accents

Lamp shade has been designed with many impressive characters. They also come with more colors. So, it can be as a lamp shade and also as an ornament or room accessory at the same time. Red lamp shade may be good option to improve your modern, minimalist and simple room interior design. Sure since it has dominant and strong color accent of red color, you can make these lamp shades […]

purple lamps

Sexy Purple Lamp Shade

Purple is a sexy color. Girls or women usually love this color more. It has certain meanings and expressions for them. It is sweet, beautiful and charming. When it is applied for the home interior design, the room can be sexy and modern. For the purple lamp shade it will not be far from the character of purple colors. This shade color is sweet, modern and radiant. So, it has […]

granite countertop cleaninggranite countertop cleaning

The Granite Countertops

Take special kind of decoration concept for countertops detail can be considered as a good decision, related to the role of the position. However, with right kind of choice from all the specification, you can possibly create the maximal atmosphere with the detail of comfortable feeling in the room. The high quality design of item in the counter like granite countertops idea can be a good choice which brings special […]